Welcome to Hotel Ani in Jermuk, a famous health resort in Armenia. Our 4-storeyed hotel will enable you to have a good rest and tasty meals at reasonable prices and fully enjoy the calmness, the fresh mountain air and the sightseeings of Jermuk. We’ll do our best to make your stay a memorable one.


The location of Jermuk


Jermuk is located in the Vayots Dzor district of Armenia, about 180 km away from the capital, Yerevan. Taking the South-East direction from Yerevan, driving along the Arpa River and past the small town of Vayk, take a left turn in accordance with the road sign and go up the mountains for the final 23 km. Jermuk is on an elevation of 2100 m above sea level.

With its alpine freshness and picturesque landscape, Jermuk is an excellent hide-away.


Jermuk as a health resort


Jermuk is famous for its hypothermal mineral waters that have healing properties. Therefore Jermuk is known as a health resort. Once you are in Jermuk, visit the so-called “Drinking Gallery” and drink its running mineral waters at different temperatures. They are good for treating diseases of liver, gall-bladder and pancreas; metabolic imbalance; nervous disorders; rheumatism and other diseases. With its chemical composition, the Jermuk mineral water is similar to that of Karlovy Vary.

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